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Grant writing and fundraising intern

  • Greece, Thessaloniki
  • Work schedule:
    Part Time
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  • Contract type: 1 year
  • Application deadline: 01/Feb/2024
  • Starting date: ASAP

Job description

As a Grant Writing and Fundraising Intern, you will play a crucial role in supporting our organization's efforts to secure funding and sustain our mission. You will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in grant writing, fundraising, and donor relationship management. Your contributions will directly impact our ability to make a positive difference in the community.

- Grant Research and Application: Assist in researching potential grant opportunities that align with our organization's goals and initiatives. You will help identify relevant grants, assess their requirements, and assist in the preparation and submission of grant proposals. This involves conducting thorough research, gathering necessary information, and collaborating with the team to develop compelling proposals.

- Grant Writing: Work closely with our team to develop persuasive grant proposals that effectively convey our organization's mission, projects, and impact. You will help write clear, concise, and compelling narratives that articulate the need for funding and how it will be utilized to achieve our goals. Attention to detail, strong writing skills, and the ability to convey complex ideas concisely are essential in this role.

- Donor Database Management: Assist in managing our donor database, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records of donor information, interactions, and contributions. You will play a critical role in maintaining a comprehensive and organized database that allows for efficient communication, stewardship, and cultivation of donor relationships.

- Fundraising Support: Contribute to fundraising initiatives by assisting in the organization and execution of fundraising events, campaigns, and initiatives. You will collaborate with the fundraising team to plan and coordinate fundraising activities, engage with potential sponsors and donors, and promote events through various channels.

- Donor Communications and Stewardship: Support the development and implementation of donor communication strategies. This may include drafting thank-you letters, donor impact reports, and other communication materials to express gratitude, update donors on our progress, and maintain strong relationships.

- Strong written and verbal communication skills.
- Excellent research and analytical skills.
- Attention to detail and the ability to work independently.
- Familiarity with grant writing and fundraising practices (experience is a plus but not required).
- Proficiency in using donor management software and databases.
- Passion for the organization's mission and the ability to effectively communicate its impact to potential donors.
- Ability to work collaboratively and adapt to changing priorities and deadlines.

This internship provides a valuable opportunity to develop grant writing and fundraising skills, gain insight into the non-profit sector, and contribute to the sustainability and growth of our organization. Your dedication and efforts as a Grant Writing and Fundraising Intern will directly contribute to securing the resources needed to support our programs, expand our reach, and make a meaningful impact on the community we serve.

When applying for this internship, please highlight any relevant experience or coursework related to grant writing, fundraising, and donor management. Additionally, showcase your strong written communication skills and your passion for our organization's mission and cause.

Please note, that this is an internship for students or recent graduates. We prioritize those holding a grant (Erasmus+ or similar) or carrying out the internship as part of their studies.
To apply, please submit your resume and a brief cover letter explaining your interest in the position, any relevant experience, and your availability. We look forward to welcoming you to the M-eating Hub team!


No financial compensation

Years of Experience required: 



Level of studies:
Bachelor (EQF 6)
Master (EQF 7)
Minimun work experience:
No experience required
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This job offer requires a valid work permit / visa.

Other job requirements:

We also value the skills of an individual living in a community can vary depending on their interests, abilities, and the specific needs of the community. Here are some common skills that can be valuable in a community setting: 1. Communication: Effective communication skills are essential for building relationships, resolving conflicts, and conveying ideas within a community. This includes both verbal and written communication. 2. Leadership: Strong leadership skills can help guide and inspire others within the community. A good leader can organize activities, facilitate discussions, and motivate others to work towards common goals. 3. Collaboration: Collaboration skills involve working effectively with others, sharing ideas, and coordinating efforts towards a common objective. This skill is crucial for community projects, events, and initiatives. 4. Problem-solving: The ability to identify issues, analyze problems, and develop creative solutions is valuable in a community setting. Problem-solving skills enable individuals to address challenges and improve the community's well-being. 5. Empathy and compassion: Understanding and empathizing with the needs and concerns of others fosters a sense of community and helps individuals provide support to those in need. Compassionate individuals can contribute to the overall well-being and unity of the community. 6. Organizational skills: Being organized helps individuals manage tasks, events, and resources efficiently. It enables them to plan and execute community activities effectively and ensure things run smoothly. 7. Technical skills: Depending on the community's context, various technical skills may be useful. For example, proficiency in computer skills, social media management, fundraising, event planning, gardening, or specific trades can greatly benefit a community. 8. Teaching and mentoring: Sharing knowledge and skills with others is an invaluable contribution to a community. The ability to teach, mentor, and empower others helps in building a stronger community with a focus on growth and development. 9. Cultural competency: In diverse communities, having an understanding and appreciation for different cultures and backgrounds promotes inclusivity and harmony. Cultural competency allows for effective communication and collaboration across diverse populations. 10. Flexibility and adaptability: Communities are dynamic, and being able to adapt to change is essential. Flexibility helps individuals navigate new situations, embrace innovation, and find creative solutions to emerging challenges.


Salary information
  • Work schedule:
    Part Time
  • Salary range: /
Employee Benefits:
Free coffee
Free snacks
Meal vouchers
Mobile phone / Internet connection
Tuition assistance

Competences & skills

This are some of the competences and skills the recruiter is looking for this offer.
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Conflict management
Diplomatic sensitivity
Intercultural and diversity management
Stakeholder focus
Planning and organising
Project writing

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