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Welcome to ErasmusJobs

Where Erasmus+ Students and Graduates meet International recruiters

The ErasmusJobs portal allows Erasmus+ graduates to build a personal profile to reflect on competences gained abroad and get in touch with recruiters that value international experiences.

For Jobseekers

  • Create an attractive profile and share it via social media
  • View offers without an account
  • Apply to job offers through the platform
  • Free to use

For Recruiters

  • One company profile, multiple recruiters associated with it
  • Manage applications within the platform
  • Share your offers on social media
  • Have your offers on the Erasmus Generation sites
  • Free to use

Browse skills from our competence inventory & clusters.

Learn defining the skills you have/you're looking for and improve your chances to find the good match, by visiting our competences center.


The platform is one of the outputs of the ErasmusJobs project, an Erasmus+ KA2 project, aiming to bridge the skills gap for the Erasmus Generation.

The project is a collaborative cross-European partnership between ESN, Masaryk University, Leo-Net, Universidad de Alcala, European Institute for Industrial Leadership, Université de Mons, European University Foundation, Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", and Expertise in Labour Mobility B.V