What is ErasmusJobs.org? The ErasmusJobs Portal brings together and facilitates the conversation between the Erasmus Generation and employers. Created by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) the website focuses on increasing the employability of students who have experienced a mobility exchange, highlighting its beneficial effects to future employers.
Who is ErasmusJobs.org addressed to? Mainly jobseekers and recruiters, but also career services.
How does it work? Please visit the 'How does it work' section, where all the steps are explained for jobseekers and recruiters as well.
I don’t remember my password or I cannot access my account. What should I do? In order to reset your password, go to the Log in page and click on the 'Reset your password' tab. Enter your email address and click on the 'Submit' button. Further instructions will be sent by email.
How can I apply for a job? In order to apply for a job, you need to have an account (to create one, go to the Create account page), log in and click on the 'Apply' button on the job offer page.
How can I report a job offer? If you think that there are some issues with a job offer we should be aware of, do not hesitate to report it by clicking on the 'Report a problem' button on the job offer page (remember to log in first, your data will not be shared with the recruiters).
How many job offers can recruiters publish? 4 is the maximum number of job offers you can publish for free in our platform.
What feature will ErasmusJobs.org support in the future? In the future, we've planned an integration with Europass, with the Erasmus+ app and the other Erasmus Generation websites as well.
Who can I contact in case of technical issues? You can contact us via this form (linked in the footer), for any technical issues but also other questions and/or comments.
Can I add my picture in my profile? The jobseeker profile doesn't feature the option to add a picture, as appearance should not be a distinguishing factor. You can link to existing profiles.
Can I share my profile? When creating or editing your jobseeker profile, you have the option to make it public, allowing you to share the link of your profile with anyone. You can also share your profile via social media by clicking on the 'Social media share' buttons at the bottom of your profile.